ZERO-PLUS focuses on the reduction of costs and the implementation of innovative solutions for Zero Energy Settlements using standard and renewable energy technologies on the building and/or settlement level. The innovate envelope components, heating ventilation and air conditioning systems, energy production technologies and integrated energy resource management contribute to the achievement of the project objectives.More detailed information about each of the technologies can be found clicking on the product images provided under the category “Technologies overview”.

Furthermore, the integration of technologies such as those used for the ZERO-PLUS project is demonstrated in the ABB Smart Lab and displayed in the facilities of ABB in Dalmine. Under the category “ABB Smart Lab” all visitors can get an impression of the interactive demo covering most megatrends, such as e.g. load shedding demonstrator, integrated photovoltaics (PV) production, storage, EV charging, home automation, etc.

Another exhibition of the ZERO-PLUS technologies selected for the four case study settlements is shown under the category “TUM Robotic Lab” located at the Technical University of Munich. Here, full-scale mock-ups that demonstrate the assembly procedures for the energy producing components are displayed.