TUM Robotic Lab

A number of ZERO-PLUS technology products were considered for mock-ups to offer a good visual representation of how would real installation system look like, to demonstrate the assembly strategy and to give the opportunity to practice the assembly procedure while learning from it. In addition, the mock-ups can help the architects and installation engineer to understand the installation procedure of these technologies for real construction projects.

The technologies considered for the mock-ups are: the WindRail® C30 system by ANERDGY, the Freescoo HVAC by SolarInvent, Thermo Solar Blocks by SBskin, and the FAE HCPV system by IDEA.

ANERDGY´s WindRail® C30

SBskin´s solar glass blocks


Solarinvent´s HVAC Freescoo




The ZERO-PLUS mock-ups are exhibited at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in the Robotic Lab of the Chair of Building Realization and Robotics. Since March 2018, more than 170 visitors from different countries (China, Japan, Russia, Spain, Italy, France, etc.), mainly researchers and industry, were able to view the mock-ups.



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