ABB Smart Lab

ABB’s Smart Lab in Dalmine is a unique facility where the most pioneering technologies are experimented, researched and simulated. The lab demonstrates the integrated operation of a vast range of products and systems for electricity transmission and distribution and for industry, made in ABB. Thanks to different types of installed and interconnected components, technicians can simulate the behaviour of radial, meshed and rural electric distribution networks, the components and systems in home automation installations, data centers, management of installed systems and energy efficiency.


Smart Lab updates and ZERO-PLUS relevance:
The Smart lab has been expanded and further improved, following the tracks of the “Clean energy for All European” package from the EU, placing more and more focus on topics also relevant to ZERO-PLUS project, like:

  • Building insulation - Heat pumps
  • Renewable and energy storage
  • Electrification of the loads
  • Energy efficiency

Topics treated by the ZERO-PLUS project are now very high on the agenda of the EU, and by the end of this year every EU member state is due to come out with a dedicated plan on how to reach the targets set by the package.

Since 2015 more than 7000 representatives from universities, companies, technical schools, institutions, policy makers, journalists, etc., visited the ABB Smart Lab.