Insulation (XPS) technology

For the case studies of ZERO-PLUS, innovative, composite cool thermal insulating materials based on a new generation of extruded polystyrene (XPS) is provided by FIBRAN. Cool materials are able to deliver high solar reflectance and high thermal emittance. They reduce heat load for the air conditioning system, energy usage and CO2 released to atmosphere. The photocatalytic properties on the product’s surface provide the extra self-cleaning capabilities. The specific envelope components developed by FIBRAN have improved vapour permeability (lower water vapour diffusion resistance factor μ) as well the possibility to have low emissivity coefficient that is achieved by the use of special ceramic tile as a final coating with specific features ( This makes the envelope component suitable for various climatic regions.

Based on the above, the material is lighter and is suitable for new and existing buildings; it minimises the construction costs because of the decrease in the required layers and the easier construction method (cut and fixation); The final layer – ceramic tile – is a cool material with either high or low emissivity coefficient which contributes to the mitigation of the thermal socks (cracks) of the tiles.


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