WindRail technology

The use of renewable energy sources on buildings currently focus on solar radiation usage by PV (electricity) and solar thermal (heat) as stand-alone applications. Wind as resource is rarely used, and pressure differences around the building are not at all exploited as additional available resources.

WindRail®, provided by ANERDGY, is a building-based modular wind turbine system that efficiently harnesses the energy of the wind, by exploiting the pressure differences around the building and the solar radiation to generate electricity. The wind flow is gathered on the facade corner, and sped up by the pressure difference inside the WindRail® inlet. The inlet optimally directs the sped up wind flow towards the turbine rotor. It then passes over the blades of the turbine rotor for optimum kinetic energy transfer to the rotor before exiting on the building roof through the outlet. The rotor drives the generator, which produces electricity from wind & pressure. Energy is then inverted to alternate current and used directly in the building (see YouTube for more comprehensive information). In addition, the upper surface of WindRail® may be covered with solar photovoltaic cells that contribute up to half the total electricity generation of the module. As a result, a simple modular system integrates aesthetically into the building structure and prevents landscape pollution. Each module is connected to the building using an ingenious interface system (base frame), which allows simple installation and maintenance and fulfils a safety function. WindRail® modules are designed to also enable integration of other building based technical solutions such as HVAC systems.


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