Since 1986, the company CONTEDIL di RICCO MARIA & C. S.A.S. operates as a modern and solid company of general constructions and summarizes in itself the wide and varied work experience of its founder with a technical-commercial efficient structure.


It has an average of 45/50 direct employees and, in case of needs, suppliers and subcontractors with highly skilled and long-established working relationships can support the direct employees. The important experience of the company in building sector is focused on building renovation and high energy efficiency for residential and school constructions. Contedil accumulates experience also on sports facilities, hospitals, urbanization, and street works.

The role of this partner within the framework of ZERO-PLUS project is to follow the preliminary and the final design of the Italian demonstration case study, i.e. two residential NZE villas, and the close surrounding area located in Granarolo dell'Emilia (BO). Additionally, the company is responsible for the whole construction process of the demonstration NZE villas that will follow the guideline of ZERO-PLUS project.


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