ANERDGY AG is a developer and a supplier of WindRail® technology, a building based renewable energy system. 



ANERDGY mission is to provide a building-based renewable energy generation system with significant additional building functionalities, which reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and CO2 emissions, for new and existing buildings, through an aesthetic, integrated and modular system. "We imagine building roofs to become sustainability centres by harvesting energy from wind & sun and creating synergy between man, technology and the environment, by providing spaces for urban gardening or fauna habitats." ANERDGY AG is a business partner in the project with the core competence in WP3 “Energy production and management of individual buildings” field of the project. "We are experts in a state of the art technology, WindRail®, using a combination or renewable energy sources, which is specifically designed for full integration into building structure and with other building technologies, to achieve cost reduction and maximize energy yield around buildings."