The Energy Management in the Built Environment Research Lab (EMBER) of the Technical University of Crete (TUC), teaches, and consults in the field of energy efficiency in buildings and built environment.



Related to the objectives of the ZERO-PLUS project, it is focusing in applied research in the topics of green buildings, Zero carbon emissions buildings, Zero energy buildings, Urban environment and Climate Change, Urban heat island studies as well as Urban heat island mitigation techniques. EMBER members consistently contribute with high level publications related to energy savings techniques in buildings using advanced materials, the implementation of control & optimization algorithms in buildings of different uses, as well as guidelines towards zero energy buildings. EMBER has recently played a key role in two large European projects (Green@Hospital, Pebble) and one national project (CampIT) that focused on the decrease of the energy consumption of large public hospital buildings, office buildings and University campuses. TUC’s main role in the ZERO-PLUS project, is the verification of the solutions for renewable energy generation and building energy management as well as the solutions for equipment maintenance and analysis of the actual energy performance of the ZERO-PLUS settlements (Monitoring and evaluation of the Settlements' Performance -WP7). It will be realized by developing the WebGIS monitoring platform, in order to gather and share the collected measurements and data from the four case studies. In this way, the settlements performance and all information related with the project’s objectives and KPI’s be managed and interpreted.


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