CIB New Commission - TG93 Building Zero Energy Settlements


The CIB board established a new Commission: TG93 Building Zero Energy Settlements. The Commission has a mandate until the middle of 2019. The commission will be coordinated by Prof. Dr. Thomas Bock of the Technical University München, Germany, and Prof. Dr. Mattheos Santamouris of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece.

The realization of zero (or near zero) energy settlements requires the development and implementation of comprehensive and at the same time affordable and sustainable new technologies and practices - also under the consideration of the optimization of offside production and onsite assembly activities. Based on this the objectives of TG93 are:

  • to identify and develop research and industry practices that focus on integrated methods that enables innovative solutions for zero energy buildings and settlements.
  • to stimulate international cooperation and information dissemination in support of technology deployment for zero energy buildings and settlements.

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