1st ZERO-PLUS progress meeting

The 1st ZERO-PLUS progress meeting took place in Dalmine, Italy on 21st – 23rd March 2016. The meeting was hosted by project partner ABB (Italy). Twenty seven members of the consortium participated in the meeting where they got to present their achievements so far and discuss the planning for the coming months.

The Project Advisor, also attended the meeting and provided valuable feedback on the progress of work. In addition, three external invited experts, participated in the meeting and provided valuable comments and suggestions to the consortium. Great interest was shown in the project by a news team from ETH Zurich which covered the meeting and will soon write a piece about ZERO-PLUS.

A visit to the Smart Lab of ABB was also organised where the technologies of ABB were demonstrated. Special emphasis was given to the Energy Management System that will be considered for the ZERO-PLUS case studies.

The 1st progress meeting was very productive. It concluded with both contentment about the high quality work performed so far and timely completion of tasks but also with a strong sense of responsibility for the numerous and difficult tasks that need to be completed in the coming months.


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