6th ZERO-PLUS progress meeting

It was a great pleasure to be in Grenoble for the 6th progress meeting of the ZERO-PLUS project. The project consortium was welcomed by the president of OPAC38 and the entire team of OPAC38 working on the project. In the meeting critical issues were discussed and important decisions were taken for the next steps of the project that involve the monitoring and verification of the four ZERO-PLUS settlements’ performance and the business plan for the technologies and processes developed within the project.

The highlight of the meeting was without a doubt the visit to the French case study in Voreppe where an 18 apartment Net Zero Energy building block is being built by OPAC38. Project partners had the chance to hear from the representatives of OPAC38, the architect of the building and engineers from ENERPOL, how the vision of ZERO-PLUS is coming into life in Voreppe. Among the particularly interesting parts of the building that the consortium visited was the PV ANERDGY station, installed at the roof edge in order to support the energy needs of the dwelling.