3rd ZERO-PLUS progress meeting

The 3rd ZERO-PLUS progress meeting took place in Palermo, Italy on 16th -17th March 2017. The meeting was hosted by the project partner ARCA. The focus of the meeting was on the planning for the construction of the case studies and on the business case for the ZERO-PLUS.

The meeting was attended by three members of the External Advisory Panel (EAP) coming from both academia and the construction industry (University of Palermo, Bouygues Construction and ETH-Zurich). The members of the EAP provided their interdisciplinary view of the project progress and the construction planning.

A visit to the ARCA solar lab (FAE-HCPV and the LFR-FRESCO installations) and the SolarInvent laboratory (freescoo HVAC) was also organised where the ZERO-PLUS technologies were demonstrated.


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