3rd ZERO-PLUS progress meeting

The 3rd ZERO-PLUS progress meeting took place in Palermo, Italy on 16th -17th March 2017. The meeting was hosted by the project partner ARCA. The focus of the meeting was on the planning for the construction of the case studies and on the business case for the ZERO-PLUS.

The meeting was attended by three members of the External Advisory Panel (EAP) coming from both academia and the construction industry (University of Palermo, Bouygues Construction and ETH-Zurich). The members of the EAP provided their interdisciplinary view of the project progress and the construction planning.

A visit to the ARCA solar lab (FAE-HCPV and the LFR-FRESCO installations) and the SolarInvent laboratory (freescoo HVAC) was also organised where the ZERO-PLUS technologies were demonstrated.

Exploitation Strategy Seminar for the ZERO-PLUS project

An Exploitation Strategy Seminar, offered by the Support Services for Exploitation of Research Results (SSERR), was organised in parallel to our third progress meeting. The meeting took place on 15th of March 2017 in Palermo, Italy, and was hosted by project partner ARCA. During the Seminar the ZERO-PLUS partners and the META-group expert worked together and identified:

  • key exploitable project results;
  • project partners that will invest time and effort in each result;
  • intentions of each partner with regard to the dissemination and use of all results;
  • conflicts of interest and weaknesses in the exploitation path/plan.

2nd ZERO-PLUS progress meeting

The 2nd ZERO-PLUS progress meeting took place in Thessaloniki, Greece on 12th -13th September 2016. The meeting was hosted by the project partner FIBRAN (Greece). The focus of the meeting was on the outcomes of the design and optimization of the energy and environmental performance of the 4 case studies at building and settlement level as well as on the final integrated designs of the ZERO-PLUS settlements. Twenty five members of the consortium participated in the meeting where they got to present their achievements so far and discuss the planning for the coming months. A lot of work has been carried out since the last meeting and the project’s progress and accomplishments have been found to be very satisfactory.

In addition, one external invited expert participated in the meeting and provided valuable comments and suggestions to the consortium on the progress and quality of work performed in the project.

A visit to the FIBRAN factory was also organised where the manufacturing processes and insulation products manufactured by FIBRAN were demonstrated. Special emphasis was given to the insulation materials (extruded polystyrene - xps) that will be used in the 4 case studies. 

ZERO-PLUS Review Panel Meeting

A Review Meeting took place on 14th September 2016 in Thessaloniki with the aim to evaluate and critically review the energy and environmental design of the 4 ZERO-PLUS settlements. The Review Panel members were distinguished building experts. The ZERO-PLUS consortium would like to thank the Review Panel Members for participating and providing valuable feedback. Their comments and suggestions are highly appreciated and will help to further improve the ZERO-PLUS settlements' design.

CIB New Commission - TG93 Building Zero Energy Settlements


The CIB board established a new Commission: TG93 Building Zero Energy Settlements. The Commission has a mandate until the middle of 2019. The commission will be coordinated by Prof. Dr. Thomas Bock of the Technical University München, Germany, and Prof. Dr. Mattheos Santamouris of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece.

The realization of zero (or near zero) energy settlements requires the development and implementation of comprehensive and at the same time affordable and sustainable new technologies and practices - also under the consideration of the optimization of offside production and onsite assembly activities. Based on this the objectives of TG93 are:

  • to identify and develop research and industry practices that focus on integrated methods that enables innovative solutions for zero energy buildings and settlements.
  • to stimulate international cooperation and information dissemination in support of technology deployment for zero energy buildings and settlements.

Further information, please visit here


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