All current news and events performed by the project partners are communicated through the ZERO-PLUS website as well as through the project Facebook and Twitter pages.

A digital newsletter is a common instrument for distributing up-to-date information about the ZERO-PLUS project to stakeholders. The ZERO-PLUS newsletter is released every four months and archived under the category “Newsletter”, so that all visitors can read past activities and news. All interested parties can subscribe to the newsletter on the ZERO-PLUS website.

A flawless communication and exchange of information among all the project parties is essential for a successful ongoing of the ZERO-PLUS project. To facilitate this process, in person project meetings take place regularly every six months. Information regarding the project meetings, events and workshops can be found under the category “Activities”.

Further communication of the project results is performed via media such as TV or radio. All interviews given by the consortium are embedded on the ZERO-PLUS website under the category “Interviews”.


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