Build Up: Overview Articles Featuring ZERO-PLUS

picThe BUILD UP portal releases Overview Article on topics that involve energy efficiency in buildings on an ongoing basis. Two Overview Articles were released featuring ZERO-PLUS over the past months.

The first article did an overview to the scope of the project and the results up to September 2017.

The second article had a more broad topic, that of Urban Heat Island. The ZERO-PLUS project was mentioned as a good project example that considers microclimatic improvements as an energy efficiency measure for achieving positive energy settlements. 

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World Society of Sustainable Energy Technologies on ZERO-PLUS

picWorld Society of Sustainable Energy Technologies (WSSET) promotes sustainable development to minimise the impact of climate change and has a mandate from the world community to set the proper direction for development of a sustainable urban environment as legacy to future generations. An article on ZERO-PLUS was featured in their December 2017 newsletter.


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ZERO-PLUS Article in Corriere Della Sera

"Case del futuro, le abitazioni che non consumano energia” - "The future villas, the ones that do not consume energy" is the translated title of the article published the 14th of November 2017 under the section Innovation of the Italian daily newspaper "Corriere della Sera". The article presents the ZERO-PLUS project intentions and the four demonstration case studies that will be built in different countries of Europe.

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Italian Case Study: Meeting in Granarolo Dell’Emilia

picThe construction work on the Italian settlement is full in progress. On the 11th of December 2017 Kostas Gobakis from the Technical University of Crete (TUC) met Alessandro Rocconi and Giovanni Luca Continanza from CONTEDIL di Ricco M. & C. S.A.S. in Granarolo dell'Emilia, at the Italian construction site, with the aim to define location and arrangement of all sensors belonging to the monitoring system. This was the first visit between two ZERO-PLUS partners at the Italian construction site.

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Smart Buildings for a greener Europe: Emerging Policy and Practice, February 14 2017, Malta

The EPBD Concerted Action is organising the workshop "Smart Buildings for a greener Europe: Emerging Policy and Practice" on the 14th of February in Malta. ZERO-PLUS will be presented there as a good project example. The event will also be broadcast live via the BUILD UP portal.

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Horizon 2020 Energy Efficiency Info Day in Brussels

The ZERO-PLUS project was presented at the Horizon 2020 Energy Efficiency Info Day in Brussels on the 19th of September 2016.

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Reportage and video about ANERDGY AG on Science Stories

An article about the participation of ANERDGY AG in the ZERO-PLUS project entitled “A phone call with consequences – Wind energy for Europe´s buildings” has been published in the “Science Stories” magazine, Edition 01/2016, provided by the EU Grants Access International Research Programmes, ETH Zürich. The article can be downloaded under this link.

Furthermore, an interview with Sven Koehler, CEO of ANERDGY AG, is available and can be seen under this link.

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WINDRAIL® by Anerdgy AG will in September inaugurate their 1st WindRail® C-Type installation in Berlin

The Anerdgy AG currently installs a pilot system, called WindRail® Type C30, at the roof edge of a residential building for the hybrid use of wind and sun. This kind of system, designed for large flat roof installations, is realized for the first time in the world.

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First ZERO-PLUS newsletter was released

The first ZERO-PLUS newsletter was published in January 2016. The newsletter describes the objectives of the ZERO-PLUS research project, applied technologies, case studies, and ZERO-PLUS partners. If you want to receive the newsletter ZERO-PLUS, please register by completing the form on the bottom right corner.

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