FIBRAN has participation in more than 10 research programs in the last decade.



"Our personnel acquire master and doctorate degrees on engineering. Our role in our project is on the development of
- Composite materials for roof application. The material consists of insulation material (extruded polystyrene) and ceramic tile. The new composite material is the most suitable solution for both new and renovated apartments, with high mechanical properties and low thermal conductivity.
- External Thermal insulation System with extruded polystyrene as the thermal insulation and a photo catalytic plaster as the final layer. This system mitigates the energy losses of the vertical elements while protect the final layer from duct and environmental pollutants."

FIBRAN has a fully equipped Laboratory for measurements on the raw material and the final product. In particular, the laboratory has both thermal conductivity meter and a fire chamber. Furthermore, the laboratory has measurement units for mechanical properties and the raw material. FIBRAN has participated in several research programs. The innovative that is used in this project has been developed in another research called DICOM.


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