The Low Carbon Building (LCB) Group of the Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development (OISD) at Oxford Brookes University (Oxford, UK) is a global leader in the field of carbon counting, building performance monitoring, post-occupancy evaluation and climate change adaptation.



OISD and LCB group are led by Professor Rajat Gupta. The group’s carbon counting research has influenced national and international standards. LCB’s climate change adaptation project (SNACC) project has influenced Government reports on overheating in housing. The LCB group has a strong track record in undertaking externally funded research projects (nationally and internationally), attracting over €11million external research funding from Research Councils UK (RCUK) (EPSRC, ESRC), UK Government and European Commission, over the last 8 years. The group has recently completed a €1.5m RCUK funded 4-year project on evaluating impacts of low carbon communities (EVALOC), as well as a portfolio of research projects on building performance evaluation funded by the UK Government. The EVALOC project was profiled as an exemplar in the National Community Energy Strategy in 2014. Recently LCB group launched its research brochure on its current and forthcoming research on evaluating building performance (

In the ZERO-PLUS project, LCB group is leader of work package 3 which seeks to optimize the expected energy and environmental performance of selected energy conservation, energy production and energy management technologies, singly and in combination, in individual residential building typologies across the four near zero energy (NZE) case study settlements in Cyprus, France, Italy and UK. The LCB group is also responsible for modelling, monitoring and evaluating the performance of the NZE case study settlement in the UK.

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