The Group of Building Environmental Research, (GRBES), of the Physics Department of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (UOA) led by Prof. Mat Santamouris, carries out specific research and development programs in the fields of energy efficiency and environmental quality of the built environment. Also, it offers education and training to under and post graduate students and prepares educational material and books in the field of energy and environment.



The Group specializes in topics related to: Development of Intelligent Materials, Energy Performance of Buildings, Solar Energy Systems and Techniques, Energy Efficient Technologies, Indoor Environmental Quality, IT Technologies applied to Buildings, Energy Management Systems, Monitoring and Control of Indoor Environmental Conditions, Design and Integration of Smart Systems in Buildings and the Urban Environment, Urban Environmental Quality, Energy and Environmental Rating, etc. UOA has a long experience in project management and coordination in a wide range of EU programs and international projects. UOA is the coordinator of the ZERO PLUS project and responsible of the project’s management. UOA is also in charge of the development of the methodology for the optimisation of the energy, environmental and cost plans of the ZERO ENERGY settlements through the best integration and combination of the selected innovative energy technologies and with excellent architectural and engineering design. In addition UOA coordinates the evaluation of the four NZE settlements in terms of energy, environmental and cost performance.


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