In this first booklet, the results achieved by the project consortium within the first project period - 1st of October 2015 to 30th of September 2016 – are presented. Firstly, the four case studies (France, UK, Italy, and Cyprus) and the ZERO-PLUS technologies (SBskin, HCPV, Solarinvent Freescoo, FIBRAN, WindRailÒ, and ABB) are briefly introduced. Afterwards, an overview of the project outcomes within the following fields is provided:

  • State of the Art on Near Zero Energy (NZE) and Positive Energy Settlement
  • Design and Optimization of Modular Envelope Components
  • Energy Production and Management of Individual Buildings
  • Integrated Design and Optimization of the NZE Technologies to be implemented at the Settlements Level – Creation of Simulation and Monitoring Protocols
  • Integrated Design and Optimization of the ZERO-PLUS Settlements
  • Construction Management, Cost Management and Implementation of the Innovative Technologies
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the Settlements´ Performance
  • Market analysis and model for business growth
  • Dissemination.



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