Voreppe, France

The French case study is located in Voreppe, a city of 10,000 inhabitants located 15 km North-West of Grenoble. It is connected by train (10 minutes) to Grenoble. The location of the case study is immediately next to the station and connected to all facilities.

The case study consists of the construction of 20 collective dwellings (building with an hexagonal shape, on the upper part of figure) for social renting (around 1400 m² inhabited area). It is integrated in a larger program, including also 28 dwellings (rectangular building) for social selling.

Dwellings will be on the ground floor plus 4 floors above, distributed around a central column. A shared underground parking plot will be created for both buildings. The proposed case study will be built according the French BEPOS standards (Bâtiment à Energie POSitive = POSitive Building), which includes goals on energy consumption and grey energy.


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