Novafeltria, Italy

The Italian NZE settlement of ZERO-PLUS project is located in a residential- commercial area of Novafeltria (RN) - loc. Secchiano Marecchia, close to San Marino  Republic.  Novafeltria, positioned at 215 m a.s.l., is characterized by temperate and Mediterranean local climate and climatic zone E (about 2,250 degree days). 

Social services are available within the surrounding area of the settlement, e.g. schools, public park, public transportation services, shops, banks, postal office, etc. The total area dedicated to the Italian NZE settlement, including public spaces, is approximately of 30,000 m². In particular, the total surface dedicated to the demonstration case study, i.e. four residential single-family villas and close surrounding area, is about 2,500 m², while the total gross area of each demonstrated villa is around 130 m² distributed into an approximately rectangular ground sub-lot of more than 400 m².

This NZE settlement is integrated in a growing residential and commercial expansion area of Novafeltria where the ZERO-PLUS systems can be applied not only within the demonstration case study. Furthermore, this promising area is already included in a renovation territorial plan of Novafeltria municipality based on full compliance of the Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving national laws and the European Directives. Among the aims of the project there is the intent to apply the eco-sustainability guidelines provided by the Novafeltria municipality within the entire expansion area, according with the criteria established by ZERO-PLUS project for the construction of the demonstration case study. Therefore, this residential-commercial area of Novafeltria presents an additional promising potential further development of the settlement thanks to the ZERO-PLUS experience. The project results will have an important impact on the building industry of the new developing area of Novafeltria. The ZERO-PLUS partner responsible for the Italian case study development is CONTEDIL di RICCO MARIA & C. sas, the construction company which will manage each construction aspect for the owner of the area.


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