Cyprus case study

The Cyprus case study is based on the design of a theoretical prefabricated container system (named “ZERO-PLUS demohouse”) for residential use (student housing). Multiple “copies” of this demohouse may be built in the future on a demonstration site reserved on the Cyprus Institute’s premises for this purpose (see figure below). The ZERO-PLUS demohouse itself will not be erected in the strict timescales of the project. However, some of the technologies will be installed and monitored in ZERO-PLUS and together with a preexisting conventional container box will form the first step to the creation of this settlement.

The technologies to be installed are:

  • On the already existing demobox: freescoo HVAC and FIBRAN insulation
  • On the ZERO-PLUS demohouse (theoretical application): freescoo HVAC and FIBRAN insulation
  • At settlement level: FAE HCPV and inverter system.

The technologies to be installed on the already existing demobox will help test the prefabrication and system integration strategies that will be considered for the ZERO-PLUS demohouse. The technologies to be installed at settlement level will help demonstrate the energy management possibilities at settlement level and utilized by the entire settlement of residential housing in the future.